Monday, December 2, 2013

Gum Drop Tree

Supplies Needed; 1 (8-in.) Green Cone-Shaped Styrofoam Form, 1 Package of Green Chenille Stems (Pipe cleaners), Wire Cutters or Utility Scissors, Dark Green Temper Paint, 1 Package Gum Drops

Directions;  Begin by painting your styrofoam cone dark green. Cut chenille stems in a variety of lengths. Insert the shorter stem pieces in the top of the form, and increase the stem lengths as you work down toward the base of the cone creating the christmas tree shape. As you work your way down, push different colored gum drops into the chenille stems. Cover the form with the chenille stems and gum drops. You can bend them in any direction you desire since no Christmas tree is perfect. When you are finished, print and cut out the star shape (see below). Place a 3" stem into the top of the tree. Glue the star (sandwich style) to the top stem.


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