Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Turkey Hand-Eye Coordination Manipulative

 Supplies Needed; Toilet paper roll, Wiggly eyes, Scissors, Long feathers, Rubber Band, Glue, Square piece of brown construction paper (crumpled to soften the texture), Small scrap orange construction paper cut into a triangle, and a Hole punch

Directions; Evenly cut a 3" round off of the toilet paper roll, this will serve as the head and the larger remaining piece will serve as the body. Take your piece of brown 4"x4" square construction paper and use it to cover one end of the body piece affix it with a rubber band, this will be your turkey's chest. Glue the head piece to the edge of the body just above the chest (as shown in the images above). Using your hole punch, create as many holes as desired in the back of the body piece. Now cut a triangle from your orange construction paper, this will serve as your beak. Finally, glue on your beak and eyes.

Instructions; We glued the turkey to a paper plate, to prevent it from falling over. Allow children to place the feathers into the holes/

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