Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ol’Tom Turkey Loses Feathers

Read: “Sometimes It’s Turkey, Sometimes It’s Feathers”
by Lorna Balian and Lecia Balian
Instructions; For fun drop feathers every time Ol’ Tom loses his feathers and let the children pick them up when the game is done.

Supplies Needed; Scissors and crayons or markers.

Directions; Have children color and cut out "Tom Turkey" and his feathers. As you recite the poem (posted above). Ask the children to drop the feather as you recite the poem.

Materials needed: Paper plate, fake feathers, glue, construction paper brown, orange and red construction paper, scissors, and wiggly eyes.

Directions: cut one shape the size of an avocado, one shape the size of an egg, one size the shape of a small triangle for the beak. Put the large shape on the plate in the center-bottom vertical. Put the next size on top of this shape for the gobbler. Put the triangle at the top of the egg size shape for a beak.  Put the wiggly eyes near the triangle. Or, let the children use these shapes any way they think is nice. Let the children glue on as many feathers as they think a turkey should have.

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