Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sticky Spider Web Game

Spider webs are sticky and catch all sorts of bugs. 
This game uses contact paper, spiders and flies.



Read: “Be Nice to Spiders” by Margaret Bloy Graham

 Rhyme: When a Spider Comes to Dinner

 Materials needed: contact paper, poster paper, fuzzy balls, pipe cleaners, black construction paper, wiggly eyes.

Cut a 1 foot square piece of contact paper. (You can make it any size you want.) 
Cut a hole in the poster board, and put the sticky side of the contact paper facing out.
For flies use the pipe cleaners to make wings, and add wiggly eyes. (Put contact paper on the bottom
of the flies so it comes off easily)
For spiders cut out paper legs, and glue a fuzzy ball on top, add wiggly eyes. (Put contact paper on the back side of the legs so it comes off the contact paper easily)
Put spider web up in the window, or on the wall.
Let the children put the flies and spiders on to the contact paper. 
Remove the flies when done and let the next child play

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