Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spider Clips

Spiders on the ceiling, spiders on the wall!

Here is a Spider Clip children can put anywhere at all.

Read: “Anansi Does the Impossible:” an Ashanti Tale by Verna Aardema (Author) and Lisa Desimini (Illustrator) This is a folktale about an amazing spider that becomes a hero and saves the world.

Rhyme: Spiders Scare Me

Materials needed: clothespins, puff balls, black pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, glue, and scissors.


Cut pipe cleaners in half. 

Twist them in the middle and spread the legs.

Glue puff ball in the middle of the pipe cleaner legs.

Glue or stick eyes on the puff ball and let dry.

Glue this to the top of a clothes pin where it opens and let dry.

These spiders can clip to curtains, shirts and other fun places.


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