Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feed the Hungry Squirrel

Nuts! Did you say nuts? Squirrels are on the hunt for their winter supply.
Let’s see how many nuts this little squirrel can fit inside his mouth!

Read: “Those Darn Squirrels:” by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri




 Rhyme: Little Squirrel

Materials needed: tissue box, stapler, cardstock, picture of a squirrel, scissors, fake acorns from the store (In case there are any nut allergies.)

Instructions: Find a picture of a squirrel with big cheeks (smiling is helpful). Glue the face to a piece of card stock and laminate for sturdiness. Attach the squirrel face to the front of a tissue box. Attach the big squirrel face over the hole in the box, and cut out a small opening where the mouth is. Using a deck of cards (only 1-10). Have the children pick a card and feed the squirrel that number of acorns.

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