Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's Make Breakfast!

Let’s Make Breakfast!

This is a teacher directed activity that helps children make sound nutritious choices for breakfast.

You may be surprised to find out what the children are actually eating for breakfast at home.

Read: “Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast" by Jamie S. Korngold, and Julie Fortenberry

Rhyme: Let’s Make Breakfast 

Materials needed:
  • poster board or felt board
  • several pictures of food (breakfast foods and sugary treat foods)
  • large picture (poster) of the My Plate
  • tic tac
  • Velcro or double back tape (or felt)
  • paper gift bag

Instructions: Tell the children they are going to help you decide what to have for a healthy breakfast. Guide the children in making the appropriate choices. Select a food item and ask if it’s part of a healthy breakfast, or a treat for special occasion. If it is healthy food put it on the diagram according to the food category: fruit, grain, vegetable, dairy, protein. If it is a treat put in a paper gift bag.

NOTE: Some children have dietary restrictions, so provide alternative choices such as soy milk, etc.





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