Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let's Count Sheep Game

An Old Wives’ Tale says that

Counting Sheep will Help You Sleep.

Let’s Count with Sheep!

Read: “Russell the Sheep” by Rob Scotton. All of the sheep fall asleep except Russell. He tries to wake them, until he also falls asleep.

Rhyme: Until I Wake Tomorrow

Materials Needed: A willing child, 5 to 10 sheep. (Make with cotton balls, wiggly eyes, glue, and a paper plate.)

Directions: Let the children glue cotton balls all over the plate. Make a small face and glue the wiggly eyes and draw a mouth.

Instructions: Have the children take turns being the sleeper in the middle. The sleeper will close his/her eyes until a timer goes off. (10 seconds works well) Then the sleeper will wake up, which stops the game. If the sleeper hears or senses someone near him/her he can pop up and catch them in the act.

Each child will have a sheep. While the sleeper pretends to sleep let each child bring up a sheep and lay it by the sleeper without getting caught.

Have the children count together the number of sheep they were able to put down before the sleeper awakes.

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