Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Dream Catcher!


Let’s Make a Dream Catcher


Read: “It’s Time to Sleep” by Michael U and Phoenix Chan.

Matty doesn’t want to sleep, so he uses his imagination to become a wolf, an astronaut and more to keep from going to bed.
Rhyme: It’ Time to Sleep

Materials needed: paper plates, yarn, ribbons, feathers, leaves and or beads, pipe cleaners scissors, and a hole-punch. (If you like, add small, light, decorations)


Instructions: Cut along the inside rim of the paper plate. Punch holes around the remaining circle.


Have the children string the yarn or use pipe cleaners to span across a hole to another other hole. (Repeat) Let them put the beads on the pipe cleaner/yarn or hang on a ribbon/yarn.

To make the frame sturdy put tape around the backside of the circle or use plastic plates.


When finished use the ribbon (or yarn) to hang the (leaves, beads, feathers, etc.) and beads from the dream catcher.

Attach a piece of yarn from the top, so it will hang horizontally.

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