Thursday, September 26, 2013

Counting Bacon!

Counting Bacon!

Everyone comes running when they smell the delicious aroma of bacon sizzling in a pan.

Read: “Don’t Forget the Bacon!” By Pat Hutchins

As he sets out for the store, the boy's mother reminds him, "Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears, and don't forget the bacon. “On his way, he repeats, "Six fat legs...a cape for me...a flight of stairs...and don't forget the bacon." Or was it "six clothes pegs...a rake for leaves...a pile of chairs...and don't forget the bacon"? Well, at least he was sure to remember the bacon!


Materials needed: Brown construction paper, scissors, frying pan, tongs or spatula, plate, dice


Making Bacon: Cut brown construction paper into strips, make the sides wavy. Show the children how to fold the bacon strips like a fan. Stretch out the strips and you have bacon.

Directions: Have the children make some bacon strips with the brown construction paper. Put them in the frying pan. Roll the die and have the children pick up one piece of bacon at a time and place on the plate.

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