Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Introduction to Classical Music Day.

   National Classical Music day is September 27th.  Classical music can be a helpful teaching tool. Classical music can be used to portray emotion as well as to change the mood. 

    Have the children watch and listen to "The Flight of the Bumblebee" presented by Dr Carol Williams on the Organ.  First have them listen to it with no visual. Ask them what they think is happening in the song? To expand the activity have the children draw what they think is happening in the song. Ask them how the music makes them feel? What words can they use to describe the song? 

    Ask the children which instrument they think was used in this version of the song. Then show them the video of Dr. Carol Williams playing the organ. Point out how quickly her feet and fingers move. You can also discuss what the different parts of the organ do and how is it different from a piano. 

    Next have  them listen to  "William Tell Overture"  Presented by the London Philharmonic   and "Turkey in the Straw" By The Original  Schnickelfritz Band with Freddie Fisher. Have the children try to remember the tune. Next show them "The Band Concert" Presented by Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Friends  and ask them which song was being played in the cartoon? In this cartoon Mickey is trying to play William Tell, while Donald Duck is playing Turkey in the Straw.  

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