Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Frog Hopping Math Game

Its summer, and all the little tadpoles have lost their tales and headed for land! Let’s see how many frogs we can collect before they hop away.

Read: A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson and Joan Rankin


Materials needed: clothespins, frog stickers, or toy frogs, green felt or construction paper for lily pads.

Directions: Glue one frog to one of the clothes pins. Make several. Cut the felt/construction paper into a round lily pad shape.

Instructions: Have the children work on a hard surface. Place the clothes pin so that the frog faces the lily pads. Show the children how to press down on the open end and let go. The cloths pin will jump.
Let the children count how many frogs make it to the felt. This is a challenging game, and can be done with four year old children and older.
If the game is too challenging for your group here is another way to play.
Have the children stand in front of a medium size basket. The child holds the frog above the basket and tries to drop it in. Not as easy as it sounds!

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