Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Frog Color Matching Game


Frogs come in many sizes shapes and colors. Some of the most colorful frogs live in the rain forest.

Here is a file folder color match game using frogs from the rain forest.


Rhyme: Little Tiny Frog by Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed.


Materials needed: file folder, pictures of rain forest frogs, glue, card stock, scissors, laminate and contact paper.

Directions: find pictures of rain forest frogs and make two of each picture. Cut them out and place 1 of the pair on the inside of the file folder. Laminate the inside of the file folder over the pictures. Cut out the 2nd half of the pair of pictures and glue to construction paper, laminate and cut out.

Instructions: Set the loose frogs in a basket next to the file folder. Have the children choose a frog and match the frog on the inside of the file folder.


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