Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fine Motor Butterfly

     This butterfly and flower is made from a clothes pin, construction paper and tape/glue. The bottom flower portion can be made by tracing little hands and cutting them out and curling the fingers. The hands of older children may be too large, they can instead create their own version of the flower. Adhere the flower to the bottom of the clothes pin. Next the children will need to create a butterfly, it can be any shape size and color. Attach the butterfly to the top of the clothes pin. It is now ready to help children practice their fine motor skills. Have the children pinch and release the clothes pin, to give the butterfly's wings a flapping effect. 

Tuition: $31.50
In-Service Training Course Code:  ECE 0412
CDA Competency: Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development [3 hours / .3 CEU]
Washington Core Competency: Content Area 6: Interactions [3 hours] 
Oregon Core Body of Knowledge: Diversity [3 hours]
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