Thursday, August 22, 2013

Create Your Own Pond


In the spring frogs sing their songs along pond, rivers, and lakes.

Here is an art project that you can add to throughout the frog’s life cycle.

Materials needed: 5 ft. of poster paper, blue finger paint, green Easter basket grass, green, brown, and grey construction paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, wiggly eyes,
Directions: Take pictures of the children doing the different activities.
Step one Day 1: Spread the poster paper out on the floor or a long table. Put blue finger paint in small dabs around the paper. Let the children finger paint and cover the whole paper.
Step two Day 2: Lay out the dried poster paper. Give the children glue and green Easter basket grass. Let them attach the grass in any fashion.
Step three Day 3: Have the children make a frog. When dry let them attach the frog anywhere they like on the paper.
Step four Day 4: Have the children put tadpoles on the paper.
Step five Day 5: Have the children create tadpoles with tales (essentially little frogs with tales), when dry let them place them on the poster paper.
Post the completed project on the wall. Add pictures of frogs in different stages along the outside of the poster paper. Add picture of the children you took during the process.

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