Monday, August 5, 2013

Come learn some phonics with Ruby!


Ruby the Caterpillar is learning to read.

First she needs to learn the sounds of the letters.
Come learn some phonics with Ruby!


Caterpillar Matching and Phonics Activity

Appropriate for 4 years and up


Materials needed: cookie sheet, alphabet, 3x5 index cards cut in half, caterpillar stickers, wiggly eyes, large paper clips, magnets, popsicle stick, and pipe cleaners.


Alphabet cards: On each index card write a letter of the alphabet (use lower case letters). Affix the caterpillar sticker. For the caterpillar match make sure there are enough letters to match the word.

Put a large paper clip on each letter card.


Making caterpillars: Let the children create their own caterpillar. Wrap the Popsicle stick with the pipe cleaner, add wiggly eyes, glue on a round magnet at the head of the caterpillar (underneath)

(Note of caution: Any time you use magnets, wiggly eyes, paper clips or anything small enough to swallow careful supervision is required).


As the child picks a letter, say the letter sound. Using the caterpillar let the child move the letter in to place.

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