Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Butterfly Handprints

Hand Print Butterfly Craft

Here is what you'll need:  Pipe cleaners, paint (I used finger paint), craft sticks, glue, construction paper, and paint brushes for painting hands.

1.  Have your child pick out 2 colors and paint both hands the same color.

2.  Put hands paint side down on the paper at an angle (so they resemble butterfly wings).

3.  Wash hands and paint them both the other color.

4.  Turn paper around and place hands again paint side down at the same angle...overlapping the     other hand print a little bit.

5.  Glue the craft stick in the middle of the hand prints.

6.  Cut the pipe cleaners in half and make into a "V" shape and glue onto the craft stick.

7.  Let dry and hang up!

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