Thursday, August 15, 2013

Butterfly Baby Footprints


The Butterfly is a very logical creature, both wings are exactly the same!

Here is a Butterfly project Mom’s and Dad’s will love!


Butterfly Baby Footprints!

Materials needed: baby feet, construction paper, camera and printer, water based paint, plate, towel.

Directions: Place the baby in a high chair so she isn't so wiggly and to make it easier to collect the foot print.

Instructions: prepare the paint in the plate (you want to cover the plate). You can add a little soft soap for easy clean-up.

Gently press baby’s foot in the paint.
Then on to the precut butterfly. Do it quickly to avoid smearing.

Immediately wash the baby’s feet with a warm cloth.

After the picture is dry, put a picture of the baby where the head of the butterfly would be.

Write the baby’s name and date on the bottom.

For something special: Buy or make a nice frame for the picture.

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