Monday, July 29, 2013

Turtle Peek-a-Boo

Turtles play peek-a-boo in their shells, waiting for you to find their sibling.

Play peek-a-boo turtle!
Read: “One Tiny Turtle”: Read and Wonder by Nicola Davies and Jane Chapman. This book is all about the turtle’s life; thirty years at sea, and returning to lay her eggs.


Materials needed: plastic eggs, small toy (or pictures of turtles), two of each kind.
Instructions: Put pairs of turtles in the eggs. Have at least 5 pairs of turtles. 
Game: Read the story, and the rhyme. Then tell the children that Penny and Paul are trying to find all their twin cousins. Two of each kind.

Let the children open one egg, then choose another to see if they can find the twin turtle. If they do not find a pair of turtles, they put them back together and try again.


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