Saturday, July 6, 2013

Space: On the Internet and Beyond

As we wrap up our week of space adventures, we would like to provide some online aids. Computers can be useful learning tools if used in moderation. Here are a few educational sites that you can use to aid the learning experience.

 Invention at Play's "Cloud Watching"

The Smithsonian's "The Dynamic Earth"

The Smithsonian's "Sizing Up the Universe"

The Smithsonian's "Walking on the Moon" 

NASA's "Space Place" 

Discovery Kid's "Space: Our Solar System"

These are some great sites with educational FUN games! They can easily be paired with our projects from earlier this week. In case you missed them, they are Outer Space Literacy, Space Numbers, Space Songs, Toilet Paper Roll Rocket, Outer Space Hat, Build Your Own Robot, and our Alien Eyes Sensory Bag

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