Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Painting Starfish

Sometimes experiencing something in a new way is fun.

On some beaches starfish grow very large.

Here is an open ended art experience using large plastic starfish. 


Painting Starfish

Art experience can include just an activity done in the classroom or outside. This experiential activity can be done inside or outside on a nice day.

Materials Needed: two large plastic star fish (purchase at the local variety store.), paint brushes, water colors, lunch tray, and bucket of water, sponges.

Directions: Set out two lunch trays, place a star fish on each tray. Set a brush and water paints next to the lunch tray. Let the children paint the star fish.

When they are finished painting, have the children wash off the paint in the water tub. Place the clean star fish on the lunch tray for the next child.

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