Friday, July 12, 2013

My Bee Book

Bees, Bees, Bees!

Looking for a great writing activity on the topic of bees?

Make a book all about bees!

The Bee book will be a big hit.

My Bee Book (Science, literacy, art)

Read:  Are You a Bee? By Judy Allen
Read this book every day until the children complete their books.

Finger play:  I Can Buzz Like a Bee, by Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed.

Materials Needed: Bee cover, 5 sheets of blank paper, back cover, cotton balls, paint: black & yellow, wax paper for wings, wiggly eyes, stapler to attach pages.

Have the children decorate the bee by painting (dabbing) the cover with cotton balls and black and yellow paint. Attach wiggly eyes, and make wings out of wax paper.

Write the title for each page at the top. Each page will be a picture drawn by the children about a bee fact. (One picture each day)
Record comments made by the children at the bottom of their picture. If the children can write, let them do the writing themselves.

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