Friday, July 12, 2013

Let’s be a Beekeeper!

Let’s be a Beekeeper!
The science table is place of discovery and hands on learning.

 Have some fun setting up a table all about beekeeping.


All About Bees Science Table (Science, literacy)

Read: Bees, Hives, Honey: Beekeeping for Children by Tim Rowe

Materials Needed: Jar with a tight lid, nail and hammer (to make holes in the top if using live bees but it you do put padding over the top so no one gets a sting), Photos of bees, flowers, hive and honeycomb, real honey comb (If you can’t find real honey comb purchase a sheet of bees wax and unroll), toy bees, Hat with net, work gloves (child size if possible), magnifying glasses, real looking fake bees, honey, 5x7 index cards,  pencils, orange, yellow, brown and black crayons or markers.                       

Place the items attractively on the table set for two children.              
On 5x7 cards label the items on the table.
Place 2 pencils and blank cards in a basket on the table.
Place black, orange, yellow and brown crayons in a small container next to the pencils and blank cards.
Let the children explore the table with supervision, and encourage them to write the words for each item and a card and draw a picture.
Post their work on the wall around the table and remember to take pictures!
For fun give the children honey sticks with snack.


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