Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lady Bug Who, What, Where, When Story

Little Lady Bugs are going to tell a story using “who,” “what,” “where,” and “when.”


Group Story: Literacy/Community Building

Rhyme: Once a Lady Bug by Debbie Hasbrook

Materials Needed: Construction paper, glue, glitter, sheet protector, poster sheet, black marker, yellow pipe cleaner, scissors, and glue marker.

Circle time spot/placemat: For each child, 1 piece each of red and black construction paper, 1 yellow pipe cleaner, scissors, glue, and marker.

Children cut: 2 circles for eyes, 5 circles for spots, 1 large red oval for body, 1 slightly smaller oval for wings and head. See example below to construct Lady Bug.

Who, what, where, when cards: Fold 1 piece or red and one piece of black construction paper into quarters. Cut out red ovals, of both colors. Cut out eyes out of white construction paper or use large wiggly eyes. Use example to construct Lady Bugs.

On the back side: Write: who, what, where, when. These will be your story starter cards.

Activity Instructions: Set out circle time spot lady bugs, one for each child. Tape a poster paper sheet to the wall or board. Set the four story starter cards face down in front of you.

Step one: Tell the children they are going to create a story about the Lady Bug family.

Step two: Explain the story starter cards.

Who= the people, animals etc. who are in the story. Let the children practice coming up with whom.

What= what is happening, going to happen, happened; an activity, event, or situation. Let the children practice coming up with what.

Where= where do things happen, or where do people go in the story. Let the children practice where.

When= When do things happen; before and after a situation, event, time, activity. Let the children practice where.

Step Three: Creating the story. Have a child pick a story starter card. Have that child choose what will happen.

Example: Child picks “who.” Ask the child, “Choose one person who will be part of the Lady Bug family.” Write the name on the poster paper.

Let each child pick a card and add to the story in the same fashion. Try to use all of the cards until the story is complete.

Extension activity: Now that the children have the basics, set the cards out at your writing table. Put up pictures of Lady Bug groupings, like a family. Set out pictures of human families. (Children’s own families work best.), pencils, blank paper, and crayons.)

Let the children work on their own stories. If a child cannot write yet, let them draw their picture, and dictate their story for you to write out for her/him.

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