Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lady Bug Math and Logic Game

Lady Bug, Lady Bug fly away home.
Some ladybugs are black with red spots; some are yellow, orange, pink, and red. Here is a fun Lady Bug logic game that you can make with the children!

Matching Lady Bug Game: Math/logic
Children will make their own Lady Bug matching game. This is a teacher directed activity.

Materials needed: colored paper: (yellow, orange, pink, red, and black), glue, small white circle stickers. (Or you could use jewel stickers), wiggly eyes.

Instructions: Cut out several pairs of circles of all the colors about the size of a coffee cup. Make a smaller set out of red paper about the size of a juice glass. Cut strips of white stickers. One pair of stickers would have 1 sticker, another 2 stickers, and 3 stickers and so on. Back each bug with a solid color.

Give each child a pair of large circles, two smaller red circles, and two identical strips of white stickers. Let the children construct their two lady bugs.
You will need at least 5 sets of similar Lady Bug cards to play the game. You might want to make some extras just in case.

Extension Activity: Now that you have a set of cards, you could use them for a math activity. Separate the cards into two piles. Purchase little Lady Bug manipulates or toys. One child draws a card and counts out the number listed on the card.

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