Monday, July 22, 2013

Lady Bug Adventure Game

Lady Bugs fly along the shapes and colors of this literacy and logic game.

Materials needed: Construction paper of many colors, scissors, glue, stickers, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes.

Game pieces: Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Wind the pipe cleaner in a coil with the open points out. Curl the end up like antennae. Glue wiggly eyes.

Instructions: Cut out circles, squares, triangles and octagons. Index cards cut in two, colored markers, laminate or contact paper.

Cut out several small shapes in different colors. Apply a shape of each color on ½ of an index card. Label the card in the correct color with the color, and shape.

Put bug stickers on 4 cards.

Arrange the other shapes in a wiggly line on a blank piece of construction paper.

To Play: Set the cards upside down next to the game board. Have the child choose a card, read the card together. Play by color or shape. Child moves bug game piece to chosen color and shape.

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