Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hungry Snapping Turtle!

Hungry Snapping Turtle has some fun counting.


Meeting a Snapping Turtle Story

In North Dakota when I was a little girl we had Snapping Turtles. They found their home near rivers, and lakes. One spring when I was a little girl the river overflowed and our backyard was flooded with about a foot deep. What an exciting adventure for a five year old! When my mother wasn’t looking I snuck out to see how different my backyard looked. Yes, I got in trouble!
When the water receded it left a surprise! There in the muddy grass was a huge Snapping Turtle! It was about the size of a tire. My little brothers, sister and I rushed out to meet it. My Mother rushed out to get us back into the house. Snapping Turtles SNAP!

Say the rhyme and choose a number of bugs to eat. You could have the children pick the number, or draw a number of bugs out of a bag and set them out. Clap hands together like a turtle for the number of bugs they eat.


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