Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Sounds at the Ocean

Sand in your toes, and salty air in your nose, you are at the beach!

Here is an activity to help children explore the beach.


Read: “At the Beach” by Anne Rockwell

Rhyme: Walking Down the Beach by Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed.

First Sounds at the Ocean

Materials needed: pictures of beach items with a single sound (always use lower case letters when labeling): driftwood, clam, bird, sand, wave, crab, fish, and kelp. You will also need 5x7 cards, glue, contact paper or laminate, marker.                                           

Directions: Teach the children the first sounds of the words. Teach the children the phonetic sound of each letter. Have the children match the first sound with  the letter. Let them match sounds alone, in partners, or teacher directed. Display pictures and sounds. You could display these on the wall and attach Velcro to the back of the letter and front of the picture for independent learning.

Extension Activity 1: Add small toy representations of the picture. Put these in a small basket. Have children match first letter sounds and the toy.   

Extension Writing Activity 2: Display cards in writing area. Provide 5x7 cards and pencils. Children may attempt to write the words or letters. If they do let them attach the card to a drawing about their word or letter.

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