Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finding Baby Turtle Game

Mamma turtles lay dozens of eggs and wait for their babies to hatch. But oh no, one baby turtle has gone missing. Help Mamma turtle find her baby with this logic memory card game!
Read: “Old Turtle” by Douglas Wood and Cheng-Khee Chee
Materials needed: 2 to 3 inch diameter pictures or stickers of turtles. 1x 2 to 3 inch picture or sticker of a baby turtle. (A photo is always better.)Construction paper for backing, contact paper, or laminate, scissors.

Cut out pictures of turtles and glue to backing. Laminate each card.

Game: (Logic) Find the Missing Baby Turtle

All of the turtles will be the same picture except for the baby turtle. Have the child guess where the baby turtle might be. It is a memory game, the child must remember which cards they turned over before finding the baby turtle.

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