Friday, July 12, 2013

Collecting Pollen


Summer days are filled with laughing children and the buzzing of insects.

Children are fascinated by all insects, especially Bees!

Below are some examples of activities you can do if your topic is bees.


 Collecting Pollen (Science, literacy, art)

Finger play: One Little Bee Sitting on a Flower, by Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed. 

You can use this song with felt board bees, little toy bees, puppets, or fingers to add bees to the flower.

This song can be played as a game during circle time. To play the game have the children sit in a circle. One child starts in the middle. That child picks the next bee to sit on the flower. Make sure all the children have a chance to play.

This is a great song for transitions, for instance lining up to go outside or washing hands.

Materials Needed:

Q-tips, small bowls, brown construction paper, and large flowers from an outside garden, 3X5 cards, pen, dry yellow poster paint, bees and flower stickers.


Place the flowers on a low table in a sturdy vase
In two small containers place several Q-tips. Show the children how to collect the pollen the way bees do. To see the pollen have the children wipe the Q-tip on the inside of flower and then on the blue construction paper. (If there is not enough pollen, dust the inside of the flowers dry yellow poster paint.)

Using 3 x 5 cards and write down what the children say about their experience. Post the comments and pictures for parents to see. Post pictures of children collecting the bee pollen for an added touch.

You can then use these to make a picture by adding bee and flower stickers.

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