Friday, July 12, 2013

Bee File Folder Game


 Children are busy buzzing around the room like busy bees. “Bb” is the letter of the day.

Here is a fun file folder game you can make for bees and the letter “Bb.”

The letter “b” file folder game. (Literacy)

Read the book: Buzzy the Bumblebee by Denise Brennan-Nelson & Michael Glenn Monroe

“b” is for Bee File Folder Game

Materials needed: file folder, pairs of different types of bees (5 – 7), pictures of other insects with different first letters to fill in such as caterpillar or ant. (You can use stickers but photos are better), contact paper or laminating sheets.)

Decorate the front cover and tab with bee stickers. Title it “b” is for Bee.
Open the file and glue the bees and insects on the left hand side of the file. Using contact paper or laminate cover the page. This will keep the children from pealing them off.
On the right hand side of the file attach a small zip log bag so the open side faces right. (By doing this the pieces won’t fall out when you store the file.) Make sure that the open end isn’t too tight, so it is easy for children to take out the pieces.
Take the bees you have cut out (or stickers) glue them to index cards and cut out. Apply contact paper or laminate on the top and bottom of each bee to make them sturdy.
How you play the game: Children can work alone, in pairs, or teacher directed. Remove the bee pieces from the bag. Sound out bee, “b” and have the children find the bees saying the first sound as they place a bee on the bee.
Matching game. This can also be used as a matching game if you make pieces for all of the insects.
When children place incorrectly (because they just might like ants) do not correct them. Help them to sound out the first sound of the incorrect answer and compare it to the correct answer “b” bee.
If you are going to use this at a learning center put up pictures of bees or maybe a placemat with pictures of bees, a hive, or honey.



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