Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beach Stories

Children love to tell stories, of things they have done or would like to do. Set up a beach story table and see what an imagination can do!

Read: “To the Beach!” by Linda Ashman, Nadine Bernard Westcott. Kate, her parents, siblings and Fido the dog are off to the beach. But every time they head to the beach they find they have forgotten something! Will they ever get to the beach?

Game: Find pictures or items of everything the family forgets to pack, cut them out and back with felt or double back tape. As you read the story and the family has to return home sing the song and place the item up on the felt board.
Follow-up: After reading the story take down the pictures and ask the children to name all of the items the family forgot to bring.

Materials Needed: Book, small pictures or items from the book backed with felt, or double back tape, pictures of families at the beach, pictures or items of things you might take to the beach such as; sun screen, umbrella, small blanket, sand toys, fake food, beach ball, Frisbee, sun glasses and hats. Include 5x7 cards and a pen to write the story.

Set-up: Set out all the items in an attractive display on the writing table. Set out one piece of blank paper per child and crayons in a small basket. Place the book you read standing up on the table. Place pictures of families at the beach on wall or picture stands.

Instructions: As the children draw their picture and tell you their stories write them on 5x7 cards. When the picture is finished, place the card with their name and story on the back of the picture. (Sometimes children don’t want you to ruin their picture.)

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