Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach Math Game

Every child loves going to the beach and collect sea shells, stones, ocean glass and starfish that have washed up on the shore.

Here is a great math game using things you find at the beach.


Beach Math Game

Materials Needed: Cookie baking sheet, sand, shells, starfish, stones, and glass beads, card size pictures of shells and star fish, 5x7 index cards, glue, marker, small baskets.

Prepare: Purchase at a variety store, or download and cut out pictures of shells, starfish, stones and glass beads. Make each picture about the size of the palm of your hand. Cut them out and attach to 5x7 index cards. Use contact paper or laminate both sides. For each item create individual cards by writing 1 through 10 and the word for each number.

Set up: Spread the sand about 1/2 inches thick on the cookie baking sheet.  At the beach collect, or at the variety store purchase sea shells, starfish, stones and glass beads. Place 10 of each item in their own basket and place them around the cookie baking sheet. Set out each set of cards separately on the side.

This activity can be used with toddlers and up. This game can be used by an individual child, in pairs or as a teacher directed activity.

How to play: The items in the baskets will be used as counters. The cards will tell the child how many items to place on the cookie sheet. The child should pick at least two cards from two or more piles. Then the child can count how many are in the tray together.

Extension Activity 1: Addition and subtraction: Have the child pick a card from one pile and then another from another pile and have them place the items on the cookie baking sheet.

Have the child count each set separately. (When they count have them say and in between each number, this will help them internalize the one on one correspondence.)

Introduce the words, “and,” “all together,” “add to.” If the child can write, have her write out the actions as they go along. 2 stars + 3 stones = 5.If she can only write numbers she can draw a little picture of the item next to the number.

Extension Activity 2: Let the child choose one card. Have the child place the chosen items on the tray. Count the items. Show the child how to draw the number with their index finger in the sand. Count the items again.

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