Thursday, May 23, 2013

Popsicle Stick Science

These flying popsicle sticks display a Class 1 Lever. Click here to see a Class 1 lever in action.   Pretty cool right!? The popsicle sticks are putting force on each other and the only thing holding them all together is the pressure of your finger. 

Weave the popsicle sticks together under and over, parallel to each other. The weaving pattern will create pressure and a lever effect similar to the See-Saw act we saw in the link above. 

Take your finger off the last Popsicle stick and  you have a chain reaction. 

It is suggested that this project be completed by school age children. Adults can complete the task to show younger children. Discuss what caused the popsicle sticks to jump? Why did they stay together until you let the last one go? 

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