Saturday, May 4, 2013

Culture Crafts: Norwegian Flettehjerter

Flettehjerter, or Merging Hearts, are most commonly used at Christmas, or God Jul, in Norway.

To make a simple traditional Flettehjerter you will start out with two band-aid shaped pieces of paper (It works best to have two colors). 

Here is an image for reference.

This is not a template but simply a reference for instruction. 

1. Fold each paper in half (represented by the dotted line in the reference image.) 

 2. Cut along the thin grey lines. The number of cuts varies depending on how many rows you would like, it is best to start out with three or four lines. 

3. Weave the colors together, sliding one color into the other like pockets. Alternate which strand acts as the pocket. 

For younger children, use one band-aid shape. Cut the shape out, fold in half at the original fold line, and cut the slices. Then, cut on the original fold line to make two pieces and weave together. This will not produce a basket as the others will but will help them learn how to weave until their fine motor skills are a bit more developed.

For more advanced weavers add a pattern. Click here for some pattern ideas, such as the one seen below. 

Notes on pronunciation:

     - "h" is silent when it is before a consonant

    - "j" makes the "y" sound 


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