Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer Literacy

Literacy: What I Like About Summer
During circle time encourage preschool children to make choices and observe their own words being written.

Materials: Large sheet of paper, marker or pen. 

Description: During circle time ask each child, "What do you like about summer". The teacher writes down their ideas on the large sheet of paper. Once all the children have had a chance to share, the class turns their ideas into a song.

Just sing, "What I like about Summer is...."  Keep singing the sentence for all the children's ideas.  This song can be used for all of the seasons or other ideas.   What I like about Spring, Winter etc. 

Literacy: A Summer Scrapbook
Promote language skills as preschool children express their ideas and communicate feelings during the creation of this early childhood scrapbook.

Materials: Scrapbook, children's own contributions of drawings, paintings and verses, scissors, glue, and felt tipped pens.

Description: Talk about summer flowers with the children. Encourage them to contribute to the conversation by describing colors, smells and so on that they associate with summer.  Show them the scrapbook and explain that they are each going to add something which reminds them of summer, such as a drawing, a pressed flower or something they remember. 

Ask each child to contribute their idea or piece of work, sticking it into the scrapbook themselves if they want to. Provide plenty of support for younger children, offering suggestions or scribing for them. Give each child a label and ask them to think of a few words to describe their entry and write the words  on the label (if they can).

Ask the children to draw small pictures to stick on to the front of the   scrapbook.  Then write a title Our Summer Scrapbook. The book should be available for the children to look at, read and share.

Summer Quiet Place
Provide a place for children to go to be alone or to read a book.

Materials: A small plastic pool, scissors, blue tissue paper, one or two small blow up rings used in swimming pools and a few good books.

Description: Put a small plastic swimming pool in a corner of the room. Add several sheets of blue tissue paper and scissors. The children will love taking turns cutting the paper in small pieces. This will be your water. Add a  couple of small swimming rings that you have filled with air. Add a child or two and a few books. No problem at clean up time. They love picking up the "spilled water".

Comments: This is a good quiet center when talking about water, swimming, oceans and lakes.

End of the Summer Book

This preschool curriculum idea can be used at the end of any season to encourage youngsters to recall what they liked best and to develop creative skills.

Materials: Construction Paper, crayons, hole puncher, 3 4 inch strands of yarn, 1 marker (for the teacher).

Description: First, Write on a piece of construction paper, "What I Liked Best About My Summer".  Then ask each child what was the best thing about their summer and have them draw a picture of this event.  Gather all the drawings together and form a book out of them. 

Comments: Be sure to ask the children this question individually. They tend to "copy" one another and then you get 10 children with the same answer all drawing the same thing.



Books For Summer

The Bubble Factory By Tomie dePaola's

Bubble Trouble by Mary Packard, (Hello Reader)

Grandpa's Secret Potion by Holly Hartman

Bubble, Bubble by Mercer Mayer.

A House Of Leaves  by Kiyoshi Soya and illustrated by Akiko Hayashi

A Summery Saturday Morning by Margaret Mahy

Counting Wildflowers by Bruce McMillan

First Comes Spring by Anne Rockwell

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Sarah's Questions by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Susan Bonners

Sleep Bear by Lydia Dabcovich

Summertime from Porgy and Bess by DuBose and Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin

The Green Grass Grows All Around Traditional Folk Song Illustrated by Hilde Hoffman

The Summer Solstice by Ellen Jackson

A House Spider's Life by John Himmelman

A Pill Bug's Life by John Himmelman

A Tree Can Be...  by Judy Nayer and pictures by Anna Vojtech

Blue Sea  by Robert Kalan and illus. By Donald Crews 

Grover's Adventure Under The Sea by Tom Cooke

Planting A Garden  by Lois Ehlert

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