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Summer Circle Time & Music

Summer Clothing Author Unknown

(Sing to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")

Oh, if you are wearing shorts,
If you are wearing shorts,
You may walk out the door,
If you are wearing shorts.

Also include: stripes, sandals, tennis shoes, flowers, a sun dress, blue jeans, belt, barrettes, etc. Comments: This is fantastic for those hard transition times!  As soon as I start to sing all the children listen carefully to see who will be next.

Scoop up Sand Author Unknown

Sung to: "Ten Little Indians"
Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
How much do you have?

We Sail a Ship Author Unknown

Sung to: "What do you do with a drunken Sailor"

We sail a Ship with a (boy) named ________________.
We sail a Ship with a (girl) named ________________.
We sail a Ship with a (boy) named _________________.
Early in the morning.

I'm a Fish Author Unknown

Sung to: "I'm a little Teapot"

I'm a little fishy, I can swim. here is my tail, here is my fin.
When I want to have fun with my friends,
I wiggle my tail and
dive right in.

We've Been playing Author Unknown

Sung to: "I've been working on the railroad"

We've been playing in the playground
All the morning long.
We've Been playing in the playground
Having Fun and singing songs.
Now it's time to dust ourselves off,
Go in and eat our lunch.
Then we'll brush our teeth and lay down
Look Out here we come.

Playground Song by Jean Warren

Sung to: "Row, Row, Row, your Boat"

Pump, pump, pump the swing,
pump the swing so high.
you pump so high
You touch the sky
Then down you come again.

Climb, climb, climb the bar,
Climb the bar so high.
You climb so high
you touch the sky
Then down you climb again.

Ride, ride, ride your trike,
around the yard again.
You ride so fast
you're back at last
Then around you go again.

A Filled Up Picnic Basket Author Unknown

Sung to: "A Tisket, a Tasket"
A tisket, a tasket, a filled-up picnic basket.
Mom stuffed it with such yummy treats,
I can’t wait to unpack it.
Unpack it, unpack it,
I can’t wait to unpack it,
Crackers, cheese, and fresh fruit please,
Kept safe tucked in our basket.
Our basket, our basket,
There’s more things in our basket.
Juice and bars and my
toy cars
To play with - let’s unpack it!

Sing a Song of Sunshine by Jean Warren

Sung to: "Sing a Song of Sixpence"

Sing a song of sunshine,
Be happy every day.
Sing a song of Sunshine,
You'll chase the clouds away,
Be happy every moment,
No matter what you do,
Just sing and sing and sing and sing
And let the sunshine through.

Summer's Here Author Unknown

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"
Days are longer, sunshine's stronger.
Summer's here! Summer's here!
Lets jump through the sprinkler,
Lets make lemonade,
Summer's here! Summer's here!

Hot Summer Author Unknown

Sung to: "Farmer in the Dell"
In the summer it is hot
In the summer it is hot
Oh, when it's hot,
I (activity) a lot
In the summer when it's hot.
(Let each child name his/her favorite summertime activity to sing in the song)

You are My Sunshine Author Unknown

Sung to: "You are my sunshine"

You are my sunshine.
Bright, yellow sunshine.
You bring me sunlight
All through the days
You help the seasons go
You make the plants grow.
Please be my sunshine always.


Put A Hat On Your Head  by Louise O’Hara

Put a hat on your head
Sun cream on your face
Play under a tree
that's the safest place
When you're playing outside
And you're having lots of fun
stay under the shade
And keep out of the sun.

I Love Summer Author Unknown

I love summer! Summer is hot.
It's sun and shade.
It's water to wade.
It's frogs and bugs.
It's grass for rugs.
It's eating outside.
It's a tree-swing ride.
It's tomatoes and corn.
It's dew in the morn.
It's dogs and boys
And lots of noise.
It's a hot sunny sky.
It's summer. That's why.....
I love summer.

Summer is Hot Author Unknown

In the summer when the days are hot,
I like to find a shady spot,
And hardly move a single bit
And sit, and sit, and sit, and sit.

Summer by Frank Asch

When it's hot
I take my shoes off
I take my shirt off
I take my pants off
I take my underwear off
I take my whole body off
and throw it in the river.

Summer Sun Author Unknown

The summer sun in the sky,
Shining, shining up so high
Makes it warm for outside fun.
To play at the park and run,
To swim and hike and fish,
And to go on a picnic if you wish.

A Year Later by Mary Ann Hoberman

Last summer I couldn't swim at all
I couldn't even float
I had to use a rubber tube
Or hang on to a boat;
I had to sit on shore
When everybody swam;
But now it's This summer
And I can!

Summer Fun Author Unknown

Summer brings us nice warm sun
For swimming, fishing, and lots of fun;
For finding seashells in the sand;
For sunbathing to get a tan;
To do all these things and more
At the beach and seashore.

Vacation by Mary Ann Hoberman

In my head I hear a humming:
Summer, summer summer's coming.
Soon we're going on vacation
But there is a complication:
Day by day the problem's growing-
We don't know yet where we're going!

Mother likes the country best;
That's so she can read and rest.
Dad thinks resting is a bore;
He's for fishing at the shore.
Sailing is my brother's pick;
Sailing makes my sister sick;
She says swimming's much more cool,
Swimming in a swimming pool.
As for me, why, I don't care,
I'd be happy anywhere!

In my head I hear a humming:
Summer, summer, summer's coming.
Soon we're going on vacation
But we have a complication:
Day by day the problem's growing-
Where oh where will we be going?


Finger Plays

A Summer Finger Play

Materials: Plates, napkins etc.

These are my sun glasses. 
(circle eyes with fingers) 
This is my great sun hat. 
(Hands over head)
This is the way I fold my hands 
(Fold hands) 
And rest them, just like that. 
(Place hands into lap) 

Pack the paper plates and napkins. 
(Pretend to pack) 
Don't forget the food and drink: 
(Shake head no) 
Hot dogs, potato salad, cake, and lemonade pink.
It's fun to go on a picnic. 
I simply cannot wait 
To eat and play, have fun all day, 

Sunshine Finger Play by Terry H.
This sunny finger play introduces the concept of day and night.

The sun makes the outside a warm place to play
(arms above head in circle)
It makes the flowers grow each day
(holding up hands wiggling fingers)
The sun hides its face during the night
(cover face with hands)
But during the daytime it shines - oh so bright
(arms above head in circle)

Sun Wakes Up by Terry H.

Sung to: "You Are My Sunshine"

Early in the morning the sun wakes up
It shines up high - we have fun
The sun shines bright all the day
Then at night it goes away.

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