Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetry Month: Frogs

Pictured is a little squishy frog. They are great for sensory play as well as muscle development associated with fine motor skills. They can be found on Amazon or in the party favor aisle of your favorite store. 

April is National Poetry Month. Sometimes children need a little inspiration to write a poem. Here are few poems about frogs! 

I Have a Little Frog

I have a little frog
His name is Tiny Tim,
I put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water,
And gobbled up the soap!
And when he tried to talk
He had a BUBBLE in his throat!

Five Little Tadpoles 

Five little tadpoles swimming near the shore.
The first one said, “Let's swim some more.”
The second one said, “Let's rest awhile.”
The third one said, “Swimming makes me smile.”
The fourth one said, “My legs are growing long.”
The fifth one said, “I'm getting very strong.”
Five little tadpoles will soon be frogs.

They'll jump from the water and sit on logs.

We would love to hear your poems and they may just get added to this post! Send them to to see your poem on the blog

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