Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ideas for Weather Curriculum

Streamers in the wind

Give each child two crepe paper streamers, about 3 feet long, and a dowel or a cardboard paper towel tube. Have the children tape their streamers to their dowels or tubes. Then let them experiment with moving their streamers in the wind as they parade around outside.


Notice the wind...

Feel the wind as it blows your hair and across your cheeks. Listen to the wind in the trees.

Rain Cloud

Need: crock pot, water and flashlight. Set up crock pot half full of water and set on high with lid on (away from kids reach of course).

After water has condensed on lid show kids how the lid is like a cloud full of water droplets. Pick lid up and explain that as the water droplets form together they get too heavy to stay in the cloud and (turn lid on side) then it rains. After lid is off turn off lights and shine flashlight over crock pot so children can see the "cloud" of evaporation.



Provide several prisms for the children to explore in the light and sunlight. A great way to explore rainbows.

Tornado Twister

The coke bottle twister. You get two 2 liter bottles or you can use any size bottle and put some water in one of them just a little under half and either tape them together or you can buy bottle connectors and put them together. Then turn it upside down and shake it in a circular motion to make a virtual tornado. For added fun put food coloring in the water to change the color of the water ( about 2-4 drops is enough) and for more fun put beads, little animals, or even glitter in there to make it sparkle in the light.


Weather Helper

Materials: Pictures of the sun, clouds, rain, and snow. During circle time have a weather helper go and look outside of the window to see the weather outside.

Then point to each picture and ask the children what is this a picture of.

Once they identify the picture (for example, sun), have the children ask the weather helper the question. "Is it sunny outside?" Continue for each picture.

The kids love it and it involves them in question and answer routines.

Extend this activity by developing a Monthly Weather Chart. On this calendar like chart place a picture each day. At the end of the week or month count the number of sunny, rainy, cloudy etc. days.

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