Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Animal Activities

Cow Mask
     Imaginative play is important for brain development. Creating a mask and pretending to be an animal may spark questions such as, what would this animal do? Where does the animal live? What do they eat?
     We made our mask out of a paper plate and string. We colored a face and added a little bit of tulle as grass. 

P is for Pig

      This activity can be used for any word. "O" for octopus, "F" for fish, etc.  Give the children a letter and allow them to be creative with things that start with that letter. Example: Things to give children while creating with the letter P, pennies, pink, prickly, etc. 

Yarn Lamb

      This sensory project allows children to feel the soft "wool" as they wrap the yarn around the lamb. This activity also promotes hand movement and muscle growth. Cut out a foam sheep. Allow children to give their  sheep an eyeball and its fur. 

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