Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Egg Garland: A Step by Step Tutorial

Step One:

      Cut out several oval shaped "eggs" from colorful construction paper. There will be two "egg" shapes for each egg on the garland, a front and a back. 

Step Two: 

       Decorate however you want (only decorate one side).

Step Three: 

       Match the fronts to the backs. This will give the children practice sorting. 

 Step Four: 

       Lay your string flat and put one "egg" on either side of string and glue pieces together.

Step Five:

       Let your garland dry and hang it up!

       This project will help develop Fine Motor Skills through cutting and gluing. Matching the backs to the front of the eggs will aid in developing important math skills. 

  • Appropriate for 2’s and up. Math, Logic, Small Motor

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