Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Secret Message Valentine (and Other Non-Sugar Valentines.)

As Valentine’s Day grows nearer, parents are dreading the immense amounts of sugars their children will be exposed to. These “Secret Message Valentines” are an easy non-candy alternative.

         Cut white printer paper or card stock into hearts or other desired shapes. Using white crayon write a “secret message.” Give them to the children to paint with water colors. They will be surprised when the seemingly blank piece of paper has a special message for them.

Some other ideas for non-candy Valentines are:
Fish crackers labeled, “You’re a catch valentine.”
Cutie Oranges labeled, “You’re such a CUTIE!”

 A banana labeled, “I am BANANAS for you!”
 A plum labeled, “You are PLUM perfect.”
 An apple labeled, “You are the APPLE of my eye!”
A Pear labeled, “You are ‘PEAR’fect valentine.”
 A pencil labeled, “You are just WRITE for me!”
 A ruler Labeled, “You RULE valentine!”

Non-candy valentines help reduce the sugar intake during the valentine season. They lead to a happier healthier child after the sugar-filled blur of Valentine’s Day. 

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