Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sea Sensory Salt Art

This sea sensory experience is a fun easy way to teach children about the ocean. To prepare for this project you will need to make some smelly colorful rock salt.

                To make rock salt you will need to mix food coloring alcohol and a scent of your choice.  Add the mixture to a baggie of rock salt, mix well and leave the bag open until it is completely dry. The amount added is up to you and how strong you want to make the salts. You can also add the mixture to table salt for a different texture. 

                It is IMPORTANT to watch the children carefully! The neon food coloring we used made our salt look like some yummy rock candy! I even had a hard time resisting these colorful salts and I knew it was salt. I think the salt would be really delicious and pretty on brownies or homemade caramels if you leave out the alcohol and scent. 

                Give the children some paper to decorate (we used black paper). Using a small amount of glue the children can create a beautiful sea star or beach scene. If you are from the Puget Sound like we are the salt will be like our not so sandy beaches.

                This activity incorporates multiple senses, with the texture, color, and smell. It also gives you an opportunity to teach the children about the ocean. 

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Appropriate for 3’s and up. Science and Sensory

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