Friday, February 8, 2013

Herman and Hannah Heart- Literacy Practice

The beginning of the story, “Herman and Hannah Heart” is provided. Have students complete the story as well as draw a picture of what happened to Herman and Hannah Heart. If you have younger children you can ask them to tell you the story verbally. Asking them questions focusing on how, when, where and what. Such as “What color was that dog?” “How many birds where there?” or “when did they go to the park and what did they do there?” encourage them to expand on the story. Older children may benefit more from writing down the story. Writing the story allows them to practice spelling, grammar and handwriting. We have provided a template for the children to use at the bottom of the post.

This is Herman and Hannah Heart. They love to visit the park. They walk along the cold stone path heart to heart and cheek to cheek talking about a piece of art.
                “So many colors!” said Hannah
                “No other sculpture could be filled with so much danger and adventure.” Replied Herman as they strolled along.
Hannah had not been expecting...

We would love to hear what happens to Herman and Hannah Heart you can email me the story at:

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