Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Barn Yard: Fine Motor Frog

        Fine motor skills are important to a child’s development. In this exercise children practice the pinching motion. Included at the bottom of this post is an instruction sheet on how to make “Pincher Critters” which can easily be decorated to look like any type of bird or amphibian.

The Pincher Critter in this example was decorated as a frog. The instructions were to help Mr. Frog bring bugs back to his lily pad for lunch. The lily pad was just a green circle and the bugs were fluff balls/pom poms. This exercise can also be adapted to be a chicken bringing worms to her nest, using a brown bowl or circle of paper for the nest and pipe cleaners for worms.

To print the instructions, "How to Pincher Critters" save in your pictures and print as a JPEG.

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