Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Does it Dissolve?

1. Gather common materials like—coffee grounds, sugar, salt, rice, oats, sprinkles
2. Arrange items in small bowls or containers with a spoon for each (for a group of children put these in the center of the table where all can reach).
3. Give each child a small, clear bowl or deep dish
4. Allow them to choose one material at a time, ask them what they are seeing, adding words and terms as they go (scoop, stir, mix, blend, melt, dissolve, liquefy, disperse, float).
5. Have children dump water and content out, rinse, and start again with a new item. Record the findings on whiteboard, paper, or journal.

6. Around Halloween and Easter, use old/unwanted candy to see what sinks and floats, talking about why?

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