Friday, November 2, 2012

Cornstarch Goop

Pour 2-3 cups of cornstarch into a shallow pan or tray. Add water slowly to the powder stirring until it is dissolved. Let children stir with their hands or tools. As they work it will thicken. As they lift the tools or their hands it will drip in strings. It can even be rolled into a ball, which “melts” when held in their hand.

Variations—add water-color to the water, add colored ice cubes, or add re-hydrated water beads. Always be aware some children will attempt to put objects in their mouth, when using small objects like beads, jewels, water beads—close supervision is extremely important. Plan for the rest of the centers to be self-sufficient, and close the activity if you are needed elsewhere.
Appropriate for 2’s and up. Science, Sensory, and Small Motor

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