Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Discovery Bottles

Use recycled juice, soda or water bottles, a filler of some sort (dry or wet) and a discovery material.  The bottles above have mineral oil, water, food coloring, and beads or cut up straws. Keep in mind that liquids will always separate from oil. Super glue or hot glue the caps on so that they can't be opened when being played with.

Wet fill suggestions:
  • water
  • clear/tinted shampoo or body wash
  • oil
  • food coloring
Dry fill suggestions:
  • sand
  • rice
  • confetti
  • oats
  • small pasta
  • dirt
  • small beads
Discovery items can be almost anything imaginable:
  • shells
  • beads
  • buttons
  • trinkets
  • small toys
  • confetti

* To learn more about Sensory Play

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Appropriate for Infants and up. Sensory and Science

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